Shipping Prices


All orders are shipped with express shipping due to major delays with regular mail system as a result of ongoing pandemic.The express delivery takes 3-5 business days. Deliveries generally require signature however due to pandemic, the mailmen may just drop it at your door step or mailbox so please kindly keep an eye.  All orders are shipped within 2 business days excluding weekends and holidays. The prices include, shipping, packaging, handling and transaction fees.  The prices may change without prior notice.

If you still request standard shipping, please contact us before you make your purchase so that we can make the necessary arrangements in the listing.

Standard Registered Shipping:
1st item : USD 7.95
Each additional item : USD 0.20

Express Shipping (Fixed price):
Free express shipping for orders USD 250 or more.

Germany-Austria-Belgium-France-The Netherlands-Italy-Liechtestein
Luxembourg-Monaco = USD 12.95 

England-Spain-Switzerland-Ireland-Portugal-San Marino = USD 13.95

Bulgaria-Denmark-Greece-Poland-Slovenia-Sweden-Norway-Finland-Slovekia-Andorra-Romania-Hungary-Albenia-Gibraltar-Estonia-Letoonia-Lithinuia-Malta = USD 14.95

USA-Canada: USD 15.95

Belarus-Bosnia-Croatia-Macedonia-Moldova-Ukraine-Czech Republic-Mexico-Bahreyn-UAE-Faroe Islands-Israil-Iceland-Montenegro-Qatar-Lebanon = USD 19.95

Other Countries = USD 26.95

Use code WELCOME25 to receive 25% discount  if it is your first time shopping
Use code SHI5OFF to receive 5% discount for orders over USD 50,00  
Use code SHI10OFF to receive 10% discount for orders over USD 150,00 
Use code SHI15OFF to receive 15% discount for orders over USD 300,00 
Use code SHI20OFF to receive 20% discount for orders over USD 600,00  
Use code AFGHANTASSELSALE to receive extra 20% discount for Afghan beaded tassels which are already 40% down! 
* Please make sure to apply the relevant discount code before check out.
* Codes cannot be credited if not used.
* Codes can be used one at a time and 2 or more codes cannot be combined.
* Discounts do not include shipping costs and they are not refundable. 

Thank you and happy shopping! 🧡